Juvenile Court

The Meigs County Juvenile Court has the responsibility to hear and determine all cases and issues concerning children in Meigs County. Additionally, the Juvenile Court administers programs and assists in facilities that provide for the care, custody, and rehabilitation of juveniles in Meigs County.

The Juvenile Court hears juvenile delinquency cases, juvenile unruly cases, juvenile traffic cases child/abuse/neglect/dependency cases, and all paternity cases including related child support and custody matters.

The Meigs County Juvenile Court is blessed with continued support from the county commissioners through general funding and receives significant assistance through state subsidies and grants which allow the Meigs County Juvenile Court to respond to the critical issues affecting youth in this county with meaningful prevention, intervention, rehabilitation and accountability.

For questions regarding juvenile visitations, please download and review the Meigs County Juvenile Court Standard Visitation Schedule. You can download this file as an Adobe PDF or a Microsoft Word Document.

Various Programs Administered and/or Used by the Court

Reminder: Some of the services listed below are open to anyone in the community. However, other services listed above are only for court youth that are mandated by the courts to attend. If you have a question about any of the services, please feel free to call the Juvenile Court.

Meigs County Juvenile Probation/Community Control
To assist youth and families to improve behaviors through the efforts counseling, accountability, drug testing, and rules of conduct.
Meigs County Juvenile Diversion Program
Court alternative program offered to first time unruly or delinquent youths. These youth work through the Court to avoid a formal adjudication.
Meigs County Juvenile Intervention Program
The Court, including Judge and Juvenile Officers, along with school officials, meet with at-risk youths weekly at school. The purpose is to provide structure and accountability to the youths from all their programming and to coordinate the efforts of the school and the court.
Meigs County Juvenile Community Service
Youth are required to work hours performing various community improvements. Youth are mentored and monitored while performing their community service. The goal of community service is to serve as a consequence for their actions and to develop a sense of achievement in the community.
Drug Testing
All adjudicated youth placed in Diversion and Probation Programs are required (contained within the terms of Probation, signed by the youth and their parent) to submit to random drug screens.
The Mentoring Program is Court appointed to youth who more often than not lack a positive family role model. Mentoring provides a developmental pro-social attitudes and values.
Health Recovery Services / TASC
Both services provide independent counseling and/or case management to help those youths with identified drug and/or alcohol problems.
Health Recovery: 740 992-5277
TASC: 740 992-3965
Mental Health and counseling services to general public; outpatient counseling; case management for qualified individuals; short term respite care for adults (by referral). 24 hour, 7 day a week phone service which serves as a suicide prevention, crisis intervention and information/referral service.
Phone: 740 992-2192 or 1-800-252-5554
Residential Treatment Centers
The reasons for placement include: dysfunctional family systems, lack of supervision, unstable home environments, drug and/or alcohol dependency, leading to delinquent and unruly behavior.
The Court has a contract with Ross County Detention Center for bed space to provide short term care in secure custody.
Community Correction Facilities
The Meigs County Juvenile Court uses the Hocking Valley Community Residential Center located in Nelsonville, Ohio. Youth are placed there from non-violent felony adjudications. The youth must complete various zones with increasing behavioral and educational objectives to be released. The Judge also serves as a member of the Board of Directors to ensure that the youth of Meigs County are receiving the best possible services because these children will be placed back in our communities.
Department of Youth Services
The State of Ohio maintains nine juvenile institutions. The purpose is to provide a youth with a secure and healthy environment for having been adjudicated delinquent by committing a felony offense. These are long term commitments and are used for the most serious delinquent felony offenders.
Foster Care
The Court utilizes local foster placements to help youths stabilize in their communities and schools as well as to keep them safe.
Meigs Juvenile Traffic School
Required for all juveniles adjudicated from a traffic moving violation. The youths receive remedial driving information and information on the consequences of their driving.